About GNZ 


Philosophy - From its conception in March 2007, our philosophy is to create a denim product for our customers, which is 'Tailormade' for their consumer group and their 'brand' identity. We develop and deliver the total 'brand' from concept to sketch, till end product on the shelves.

Concept - Our price/quality ratio with a high value in design, workmanship and fit makes GNZ a unique company concept.

Product - Tailormade, innovation and perfection of the product is imperative to GNZ. We achieve this in close cooperation with our partners who are conscious in developing a distinguished product.

Objective - Creation and innovation on concept and product is our main objective. We use authentic and functional details, innovate and develop fabric-wash combinations and trims, while being at the same time spot on with the market, trends and different needs from varied consumer groups.

Why GNZ 


People - GNZ has a passionate, knowledgeable, experienced and specialized team. We live the product which consequently results in a strong product identity through design, fit, and workmanship. A close cooperation with our partners (both costumer and suppliers) results in successful product with a strong price / quality balance.
We operate at different levels of consumer price targets while maintaining a high quality standard at all times. Working with us means to download denim expertise and passion for the product within your own company concept.
Partners -
GNZ does not own or directly operate any production facilities. Instead our sourcing strategy is to work with long-term suppliers with whom we built strong relationships over time. You can expect from us that your production will be executed at a high quality. At the same time we reassure that the product you chose is manufactured in a socially responsible way.

Contact GNZ




Jeanette de Wolf
Frankemaheerd 12
1102 AN Amsterdam Z-O


T1   +31-20 342 0005  
F1   +31-20 342 0009  
M   +31-6 53 40 63 49  



GNZ is always looking for talent to empower our team. Besides it is also possible to do an internship at our company. If you are interested please send your CV with a letter of motivation to Jeanette de Wolf:


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